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Read an exceptionally beautiful story of a man dealing with mental health issues in the book ‘Resilience.’ Click to read more about Leaf McCrum and his book.

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Leaf McCrum is known as a writer of mental health themed novels. Among the portraits that hang in the human psyche is the near impossible story of recovery from mental illness few know so intimately but are curious about from a safe distance. In this cerebral novel Leaf McCrum a Latino writer born in Mexico and raised partially in Texas, takes us on a journey that unfolds beautifully in a world of day programs, nonprofits

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Swimming in the deep end

The book ‘Resilience’ by Leaf McCrum is a beautiful and inspiring story of a young man named Bob. Leaf McCrum, through the story of ‘Resilience’, gives amazing insights into the life of a person who faces mental health problems and eventually falls into the traps of demotivating events. The book shows how unpredictable life is and how miserable humans get in the flow of these circumstances life hits us with. However, through this book, Leaf also shows Bob’s life-changing journey where he meets all sorts of people and, in the end discovers the true purpose of his life through one of these people. Leaf McCrum has wonderfully presented each character in this book and how they are connected to Bob and influence his life. The book shows the actual struggles a person with mental health problems faces and how mental health programs can change the life of such a person. It is a must-read if you want an emotional ride with awakening on the challenges of life.

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